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This ain't Normal
Guiltripp likes to keep it real with their friends, they let a lot of different people host the mic for a song, or help out in the studio

Jason Levens
Jason was the original singer of Guiltripp, heres him singin at a Halloween Party put on by Jenn Wunder
Jason at the Studio
Heres Jason singin at Pus Cavern North, he recorded on guiltripp's first two demos
Halloween Show
Heres Guiltripp at the Halloween Show with Jason. Chump wasn't there so Brian played bass. They dressed up as the Mofia, except Jason, he was a snowboarder.
Josh Castillo
Josh might have been our biggest fan. Here he is playin guitar at L Records.
Shep Sheppard
Shep sang a lot of songs with Guiltripp. He was known for singin the Never Alone cover at shows. He recorded it with the band on the Sound Solutions demo
Eli Horner
Eli was another cover song singer. He has tons of energy, and a higher voice, so he sang songs like Single Second, Malleus, Friend, and others
Hosting the Mic
Thanks to all of the people who have played with the band, eli, shep, josh, tanner, mikey, courtney, jason, and a ton of other people