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Role in the Band
Tripp helped start the band. Coming from a hardrock past, his deep guitar riffs helped Guiltripp to move from pansy to hardcore, and now he is better than ever.

Info on Tripp
Tripp met Brian back in 1996. They decided to jam in Brian's garage. Tripp played through a tiny box amp, but he was loud enough for the police to hear. He came from a background of listening to Metallica, Silverchair, Megadeath, and Korn. He had a good grunge sound which soon evolved into a hardcore sound. Tripp sang a few songs at first, but with the addition of Jason in 1997, Tripp focused on guitar. He is the lead backup vocals, with his perfected yelling voice. Tripp is a main piece to this band, and his talents are shown at every show he his volume is beyond recognition, the crowd goes crazy. Tripp now attends school in Chico, but still comes back to Folsom for an occasional practice.
He goes to Chico State, so he spends a lot of time at school. Partying is something he accells in. When he is back home, he likes to spit on the rug, be the laziest person known to man, and beat the living daylights out of Isaac. He needs a haircut.