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Shep, Eli, and Tanner, True Friends till the End

Hi Maddy

Our roadies, or fans. Shep sings some songs like Never Alone, Eli sings our AFI covers and dances a lot, and Tanner does anything and everything. These guys make it fun, true fans who come up front. Dance, and you will have a good time, we promise.

Shep has been with the band since it started. He came to all the practices, and sings almost all of the cover songs. He is a true friend, and has always helped us out of jams. He offered his house to practice at and provided equipment for us to use. He sings on our last demo. Shep attends school with Tripp in Chico.

Eli is our older, wiser friend. He has also been there since the beginning. He went to our shows and ran around and pitted and got the crowd into the shows. He started going to our pratices and now he sings some covers, like our AFI and H2O covers. He is very energetic and very supportive of Guiltripp. He goes to school at Sac State.

Tanner is the man. He is a very active friend who helped us get hooked up with shows and helped us move our equipment. He has helped Guiltripp in more ways than we give him credit for. He has always been there for us, and he helps other bands like Curbside out too. His van is famous, and his flip flops will never go out of style. I have no clue where Tanner goes to school, but i know he does.

Roger from Agnostic Front speaks on Hardcore

"A friend asked me where the term "Hardcore" orginated. Not that I´m the Hardcore expert, but I said that to me Hardcore Punk was a movment and not two distinct styles of music. Unity wasn´t just something you read on a flyer, it lived in our hearts. In my opinion, Hardcore was always the aborted child of punk. It´s street music for rebellious kids from all backgrounds. Every year our voice is growing Worldwide. New bands, new faces, new energy and today the music means as much as it ever did."

Brian's Girl
You might recognize Brian's girl from Dawson's creek, they have been dating since High School, even though Katie is 21, and turning 22 on Dec. 18. Shes likes Brian a lot though, not Chris Klein, that loser.
We'd also like to thank...
This section goes to all of the people who showed up at the Boarwalk to see, notably, Shep, Eli, Tanner, Bob, Derek, Mikey, Josh, Mike Shoesting, Puga, Jeff Carter, Maddy, Tripp's girls, Erika, Fat Boy Automotive, Marin, Barbara, Jason Luke and Dane, Ross and Heather, Megan, Megan, Katie Day, Ryan Chase, Redman and Peezy, Jenn, Courtney Hunley, Jamie, Dan Moore, Marsh, Jeff Martin, Eric, Marc, and if i forgot your name, don't take it personally, either i didn't see you, or my memory is a little faded, relax.
Eli Hosts the Mic at Jr/Sr. Picnic

Shep hosts the mic at Java Folsom

Josh helping in the Studio