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Role in the Band
Isaac didn't join the band until early 1999. He came to one of our shows and after the show, he jumped on the drums. He was amazing. Brian and Tripp talked him into playing for Guiltripp and Isaac gave in. Isaac was also playing for ADD at the time, but he realized what was a better situation. Isaac changed our sound from grunge to hardcore quickly, and is the talent in our music. He has also played with Curbside, and was offered to play with Local451, but he stayed true to Guiltripp and now we are growing together as a band. Isaac brought a lot of flavor to the band with his obsessions with Tombstone and Surge. I don't think we've had a serious practice since he arrived. Being Italian, he thinks he is very tough, but he's not, don't be fooled even though he looks scary. Somehow, he gets the hottest chics too, but maybe that has to do with something i don't want to talk about.

Info on Isaac
Lucky for Guiltripp, Isaac joined the band in '99. He is the best drummer in Northern Cali, thanks to his roots of AFI and Aquabats. This skinny little wop can really whip out some rolls

Isaac is currently involved with a new band, which includes Josh (ex; CURBSIDE, and Eric, ex; SWIVEL) and they are working hard and going to the studio in January. Some of his favorite bands and musical influences are: AFI, Kid Dynamite, Fury 66, New Found Glory, Strung Out, The Cure, and Del Tha Funky Homosapien. He likes to eat falafels as well. His current drum set-up is a 3-piece DW set, with zildjian cymbols, and mixed hardware.

Isaac's favorite page is AFI's Homepage