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Most songs were written by Brian

Together we go, together we fight
Well get our way if its through our might
Youre so spoiled, and its not right
Youre parents paid for it all like your ticket tonite
Where do we go, what do we do
Theyre comin for me and theyre comin for you
Go to the shows and what do we see
Gutter punk posers in this country

Spoiled Brats
Tryin to break free, of my destiny
But its got me down, and my heart cant be found
So now cant you see, that I cant break free
From my destiny, bad lucks the way for me

You chose the path which road to follow
The choice is yours, dont ever follow
The business friends that you make today
Will stab you in the back no job tomorrow

So now I got no job, and I got no way
But you better watch out, for the youth of today

You cant stop us you cant slow us down

Sing along and sing along, to our punk rawk anthem song
With all your friends united as one, this is where you belong

Hey all you punks and hey all you skins and all you who represent the street
Throw your fists up high and sing along to an anthem that cant be beat
We come here together we come and unite, united we put up a fight
Against racism, against the machine, progression through our might

Were always getting bigger, never getting smaller, we grow to take control
Of our land and our minds, and our punk rawk show
Your deceiving eyes, keep me up at night
I cant sleep without a single fright
When your lips yearn for touch
Nothing left but the hook

I want you
You could hangout with my crew
Your beauty is matched by few
Lets retreat to my room

Ive got you hangin on
To the beat of my song
When I look, listen and hear your breathe
Upon my shoulder without any regrets

Do you know my name
Your beauty puts me to shame
Popularity stands in my way
Ill introduce myself today

Were looked upon as menaces
Punks in society
You look at us as if we had
No right to be free
You criticize my wardrobe
You criticize my hair
I come to you for advive
I noticed that you dont care

Real cool club, real cool hair
Real cool kids, I dont care
I have a life, cant you see
All your demands mean nothing to me

I walk away I come back down
To a place a race pulled down
I head for heaven I leave my hell
To a place among those who dwell
I walk alone in a park of rides
Different costs I dont feel alive
I was a young boy you were on my mind
This girl was an angel truly hard to find
She gave me a chance and I took it for granted
So here I am

Cant you see, Im here for you are you here for me
If I could be, what you wanted me to be Id be it...jus for you

I spend everyday, thinking about your smile
Im goin insane and its only been awhile
But in the end the hero always wins
So here I am

he's 18 and he's alone, want some fun pick up the phone
cornerhouse always known
To get you up in a zone
Well he needs some drugs and he needs em fast
Needs some fun and he needs some cash
To get him up for a blast
How long do you think hell last

Hes 18 he feels free
He got a job at mickey ds
The cornerhouse got his money
Because he is the local druggy

Now he is 35, and his life is in a dive
In a divorce with his wife, drugs have ruined his life
When he thought, all was fine
He began commiting crimes
Selling pot dime for dime
Now hes gonna serve some time

Was it worth it
Can you afford it
Life without it
Druggy tell me about it
Ill make it through
I owe it to you
Itll be all right
In my eyes

I havent been like this before
But you gave me a chance, what are friends for?
You take me for who I am
And one of these days I will understand

Why is it this way?
Why did I give my heart away?
Why do I lose so bad?
And now I see all that I had

TRIBUTE (rewrite)
On and on we fight as one HERE WE GO
We wont stop till the fight is done WE WILL GROW
United we stand, divided we fall HERE WE GO
Will we walk instead of crawl WE WILL GROW

Home of the brave and land of the free
You got a messed up sense of liberty

I wish we would all stay together
Here with my crew, what could be better
Were here, we grow, we fight
Anything can be done when we unite

This goes out to all my friend HERE WE GO
Will they all be here when it all ends WE WILL GROW
Weve stuck together, and we grew strong HERE WE GO
And now we know where we belong WE WILL GROW