Chris the "Chump" Chase
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Role in the Band.
Chris joined the band soon after it was formed. Tripp and Brian had no bass player, and Chris said he would learn to play. He got a bass and shoebox amp. Chris wasn't the greatest at first, but he was a quick learner. He soon developed a sound like TIm Armstrong, his idol. Chris obrained the nickname Chump for no apparent reason, i guess you have to meet him to figure it out. After years of playing bass, Chris could start to have fun at shows, he began jumping and running around. The girls loved him, and so did other bands. He was offered to play with other bands, but he stayed true to his roots. Chris has kept our band together thanks to his light hearted attitude and his hilarious antics. He now attends school in Roseville, and is still fiddling his bass with the boys.

  Info on Chump Chump was the third member of the band, learning bass as the shows went on. He is the entertainment for the people, and the lowest sound on stage, his bass playing is superb thanks to his oi roots, and his gutter punk influences.

  Hobbies Chris likes to eat fries. His life goal is to eat as many fries as possible. He likes to beat up his band mates, and OI OI all night long. Beware!