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Some People Can't Sing
We got tons of support from people who couldn't play or sing. They helped by taking pictures, making fliers, or just goin to the show, here are some of the notables.

Lindsay and Christine
Lindsay and Christine helped us a ton, they went to all of the shows, and Christine offered her house for shows, and hangovers. Lindsay took almost of the pics on this site.

Josh, Bobby, Nick, and Kalvin played a lot of shows with us, and at each show, we shared equipment. We totally supported each other, and enjoyed playin with them.

Geoff let us play at his house, use his guitar equipment, and make fun of him for his gibbersish

Squirrel played with Local 451, and he always was suportative at shows and stuff. Plus he had a cool haircut and cool car

Maddy "Caddy" Harvey
Maddy is one of the most wonderful people we know, she always hung out with us and was totally supportative

Silke "Crazy German" Kett
Silke is one of the coolest people we know. She was a foreign exchange student from Germany, and she got to hang out with us. She was a blast, and she said she liked our music so she was cool.

Davey Havok and AFI
Davey was one of our closest friend, he hooked us up with ideas and even married Isaac and Cameron Fratini. AfI is truly our greatest role model.