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Images of the band, their friends, etc...
THey're Here!

Guiltripp at Jr/Sr Picnic, Eli with the mic.

Folsom Punks and Skins after a hard workout

What is that?

New Years show at Christines

Tripp, Tanner, Eli, and Chump sing a song together at Geoffs

What's Chump lookin at?

Linds and Brian hangin at school

Brian and Lindsay at the Halloween show at Jenn Wunder's house

Say Cheese Isaac

This is Guiltripp with old singer Jason Levens

Here is the Crew playin Dominoes at Round Table

Tripp jammin at his house

the "Bodyguards" at the H2o show in S.F.

Chump, Tripp, and Eli sing a little song together

Brian playin bass at Halloween as the Mofia

Brian, Jon, and Hiedi chillin at Bo Jangles

Brian at Jr/Sr. Picnic

Chump and Brian jammin with Bob the Raver

Chump holdin the mic for Brian at Geoffs

Good friends Maddy and Lindsay

Isaac at L Records

Curbside, Isaac's old band

The Fall Children at Red Robin

Brian and Meghan, his Ex

Isaac and Brian check "The List"


Isaac at the river, he's so cute


Brian playin drums at Sheps

Shep checks out Corals goods


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