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Guiltripp has recorded four demos, and here some pics of them
Guiltripp has recorded at Pus Cavern North twice, L Records, and Sound Solutions.

L Records
L Records was run by three very talented black men in Sacramento, we felt out of place, but they were totally cool.
Recording Vocals
At L Records, we all recorded the vocals in the same room. This is Brian singin a lead with Isaac preparing to apply the harmony.
Group background Vocals
Brian, Isaac, Josh, Shep, and Tripp all sang the backups for songs like Surge and Druggy.
Chump on Bass
Chump continued to dazzle us with his fanatic bass playing
AFIsaac on Drums
Heres is Isaac making his debut with Guiltripp on drums.
Tripp on Guitar
Heres Tripp recording some massive guitar riffs
Wes Sac Homeboyz
Heres the band and their producers posin at in the sound room